Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency

Public relations work

By adopting the General Act on Equal Treatment we have taken an important step towards equal treatment for everyone in Germany. The Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency wants to encourage those affected by discrimination to report discrimination. This information is essential in order to be able to create a society in which discrimination no longer has place.

Our internet portal serves to inform the general public about their rights and obligations under the General Act on Equal Treatment. Those affected by discrimination can use an e-contact form to contact the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency directly. Those with general questions about the General Act on Equal Treatment will also find a form on our website that they can use to contact us. We have also posted a guide for businesses that is intended as an aid to implementing the General Act on Equal Treatment in practice. By the end of 2008 the website will be available in various languages.

Another matter of concern to the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency is the networking of agencies involved in anti-discrimination work. In the medium-term a database is to be established with the names of all those anti-discrimination agencies as well as non-governmental organisations (NGOs) working at Land or local authority level. The database will enable the various agencies to contact each other without a lot of red tape, as well as to quickly provide those affected by discrimination with the details of suitable advice centres in their vicinity. The Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency also organises conferences in which it provides a forum for networking and establishing contacts.

The aim of the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency in providing this information is to

  • inform the general public about the General Act on Equal Treatment,
  • eliminate uncertainties in implementing the provisions of the Act,
  • show what options are available to those confronted with discrimination,
  • promote an awareness of equal treatment as a human right,
  • emphasise the advantages of a discrimination-free society.