Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency

Tasks of the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency

The Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency (abbreviation: FADA) provides unbiased support to persons who have experienced discrimination on grounds of racism or their ethnic origin, gender, religion or belief, on grounds of disability, their age or their sexual orientation. In particular, the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency can specifically

  • provide information on legal claims
  • outline possibilities of taking legal action within the scope of legal provisions for the protection against discrimination
  • provide referrals to counselling by other agencies and
  • seek an amicable settlement between those involved.

In cases where the Commissioners of the German Bundestag or the German Federal Government are responsible, the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency will immediately pass on the requests from the affected individuals, after having obtained their consent, to those Commissioners.

The most important tasks of the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency are

  • Public relations
  • Measures for the prevention of discrimination
  • Implementation of scientific studies
  • Submitting reports to the German Bundestag at regular intervals of four years. These reports are jointly submitted by the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency and the respectively competent Commissioners of the German Federal Government and the German Bundestag. They are supposed to include an overview of the forms of discrimination on the above said grounds as well as recommendations on how to avoid and abolish discrimination.

In the course of its work, the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency shall appropriately include non-governmental organizations and institutions working at European, Federal, Land or regional level for the protection against discrimination.