Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency

2011.02.22 Age

The General Act on Equal Treatment (German abbreviation: AGG) prohibits discrimination on grounds of age. The ban is related to every age, so that both the unequal treatment of older and of younger persons is prohibited.

For example, pay regulations that are exclusively linked to age, and automatically take effect with increased age, represent a case of discrimination with regard to younger employees.

A distinction between old and young is much more difficult than differentiating between women and men or Catholic and Muslim, for example. Accordingly, the implementation of the AGG provisions with regard to age as a ground for discrimination is often difficult.

The AGG foresees extensive options for justification in cases were unequal treatment is a result of age. Thus, it is possible to provided targeted support for young people in order to integrate them into a trade or profession. Determining a minimum age in order to benefit older employees can also be justified.