Welcome to the counselling team of the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency!

It is our pleasure that you turn to us on the Internet.

After having experienced a discrimination, people often do not know whether they should turn to somebody or where they can get help. The members of our counselling team will readily offer you a first counselling, that means an evaluation of your case, so that you may decide on the further procedure.

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Our counselling team with legal experts can

  • inform you about your rights in a case of discrimination
  • show you opportunities of whether and how you may enforce your rights
  • seek an amicable settlement of the conflict
  • try to give you the names and addresses of experts in your neighbourhood.

For persons without any legal background, the General Equal Treatment Act (German abbreviation: AGG) is frequently hard to understand. If you feel discriminated against, you should therefore contact a focal point with experts in this field.

We provide information on what you need in court proceedings to be able to report and prove a discrimination and what deadlines have to be met to assert possible claims. Upon request we can also obtain an opinion from the opposite side and - on the proviso that both sides agree - seek an amicable settlement. Moreover, it will be a pleasure for us to help you finding the appropriate experts in your neighbourhood.

The work of the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency is in line with the 'horizontal approach', that means that discriminations on any grounds are equally important. Therefore, you may turn to us if you feel discriminated against on grounds of ethnic origin, religion or belief, you age, gender, sexual orientation of a disability. The counselling team of the FADA will be pleased to provide you with more detailed information about the grounds for discrimination which are specified in the General Equal Treatment Act.

Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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